Saturday, September 19, 2020

 Applications available to sign up for this year’s Fowlerville Christmas Parade

   This year’s Fowlerville Christmas Parade is going to be on December 5 2020. The applications have been sent out to all those who participated in last year’s event. Those who do not wish to be in it this year will still get the invites next year. If someone wants to be a part of the parade this year they may contact Ed Prevo at 517-223-4076 or at an application. 

    Even though this is a trying time, we are looking to bring some type of enjoyment to folks who have been cooped up for such a long time. If you are coming either to participate or to watch please, remember to MASK-UP. We hope that we will be able to carry out this event without a problem. Thank you and see you in December. 

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