Saturday, May 11, 2019

Antrim Baptist congregation to honor Civil War veteran at May 26 celebration
    Antrim Baptist Church is hosting a memorial celebration at Fuller (Conway) Cemetery on Lovejoy Rd across from the church Sunday May 26, at 12:15 PM. Each year the congregation honors one of the veterans that is buried there.   
    This year they will be honoring George Harris who was a drummer for General Grant in the Civil War. The drummer was always in the front line of the battle, bravely and skillfully using their drum to transfer directions to the infantry. Different beats would give commands to move right, left, forward, about face, etc. George Harris was in the front line of the 26th Michigan Infantry as he watched General Lee and General Grant enter the Wilmer McLean house in Appomattox to sign the terms of surrender. 
    The church organizers need your help to connect with any of his descendants that you might know. Some of you may remember George Harris’ grandson Ike Harris. He was a long-time resident of Fowlerville who at one time managed the Orr Theater in Fowlerville. If you are a descendent or have knowledge of any of them, please pass on this information and/or contact Doug Helzerman (517 375 4869), Dave Roddy (517 749 3410) or the church (517 223 3126) so they can reach out directly to them.

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