Saturday, August 11, 2018

Community input being sought for new Livingston County Transit Master Plan
   The Livingston County Transportation Coalition is seeking input from community members in developing a Transit Master Plan that addresses future needs and goals in the county.   
    The Coalition consists of nearly 100 members, including interested individuals as well as representatives for various organizations—Chambers of Commerce, DDAs, senior centers, health care providers, human services organizations, transportation providers, businesses, planners, educational institutions, local municipalities,  churches, charities, and an environmental group. It is chaired by Dr. Leo Hanifin.      Dr. Hanifin, in published comments, said that the group feels there is” a need to improve and expand transportation services locally, and is looking to carry out the collective vision by way of a master plan.’
    “Its scope will be very broad and may include scheduled bus service, expanded dial-a-ride services, express computer and airport services, and a network of bike and walking trails.  It will also study governance and funding options.”
   The goal, Dr. Hanifin said, is to have a new transportation plan by the end of 2018.
   The Transit Master Plan will be based on public input and data analysis by AECOM; a transportation-consulting corporation said to be familiar with Michigan.       Community members can share their thoughts in several ways: by talking with municipal and county planners, attending public meetings focused on plan options that will be held this fall, and/or by completing a survey that is now open online at:
   The Coalition, in its news release, noted that 75 percent of county residents commute to jobs outside of the county and over 60 percent of county workers live outside the county, suggesting the need for a mass-transit option.
   They further stated that every $1 invested in public transportation leads to $8 in economic development and that between 2000 and 2030 there will be six times as many seniors in the county.

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