Saturday, May 21, 2022

 Broken Horn Rodeo featured at Fowlerville Fair Grandstand July 29th

What is bareback bronc riding?

The eight-second bareback ride is confusing because sometimes a cowboy’s wild spurring appears to be simply showing off while in fact the rhythm of a man’s legs on his horse is all that keeps the rigging-(a handhold on the surcingle) from being torn out of his hand.

The bareback rider throws his feet forward in time with the horse’s jumps and at the same time this motion keeps his seat close to his riding hand. He’s aware that once he slips away from the handhold, he’s on the launching pad. The further back he gets on a high-kicking horse, the more trouble he gets into. A cowboy who has his riding arm straightened invariably winds up having his clenched riding hand jerked open.

Rules require the rider’s dulled spurs be over the break of the horse’s shoulders when the animal lands the first jump out of the chute, some bareback horses’ wheel out almost as quickly as the gate can be jerked open and the cowboy has a hard time keeping that outside foot where it is required to be. The judges are looking for the horse that gives the rider the most trouble for the full eight seconds.

Onlookers, when hearing the score, often are mystified because the bronc who threw a spectacular ride, bucking and jumping, perhaps several times, wasn’t marked higher by the judges. They failed to take into consideration that for some of the eight seconds the horse, in the judges’ opinion wasn’t difficult to stay on.

Join the American Professional Rodeo and International Professional Rodeo Association, World Championship Rodeo, at the Fowlerville Family Fair, on Friday, July 29, , at 7:00 PM. Watch this rodeo, with eight events, and see the cowboys & cowgirls complete for $4,500 added prize money.

Kids can start practicing for the stick horse race, with two age groups: 5 & under and 6-9. (WIN PRIZES) No entry need for stick horse races.

For information contact Broken Horn Rodeo at 937-392-4608 or email Call in date for entries is July 19 from 9AM to 4PM. Phone for call in entry is 337-427-6336. Locals & permit holders are accepted. (Must call in to enter.)

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