Saturday, April 20, 2019

‘Feast of the Arts’ coming to Fowlerville High School on Tuesday, May 7th
    Please join us, Tuesday, May 7th from 5:30-8pm  at Fowlerville High School for the annual ‘Feast of the Arts’—an event that celebrates the arts in the community. Art from 6-12 grade students will be adorning the walls along with art from the Elementary Art Clubs. 3-D clay and cardboard artwork will also be on display. 
    The Jazz Band will play at 7 pm and the Choir will share their singing talent. Drama presentations will be held throughout the evening. 
     K-5 students will be able to sign up for Art Studios, creating artwork. Each artist studio is $2.00 and will be held in the cafeteria. Information will be going home in Friday folders. ‘Feast of the Art’ T-shirts will also be available to purchase. Demonstrations of the pottery wheel, pastels, drawing, painting and watercolors will be shown by  high school students. Face Painting is back by popular demand too. 
     During the evening you may purchase a ticket for our Empty Ice Cream Bowls. When you pay $2.00, you will receive ice cream, toppings and a student-created bowl. Part of the money raised will go toward the Family Impact Centers. The rest of the money will be given to a deserving high school art student who is going to an Art School in the fall. 

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