Saturday, May 27, 2017

Fowlerville seniors to hold Gauntlet on June 2 following graduation practice
   On Friday, June 2, all graduating seniors will meet at the Fowlerville High School for graduation practice. Directly following practice, all grads will pick up their cap and gowns, put them on and line up for the Gauntlet. The students will then walk through the high school for one last goodbye to staff and students. Grads will walk to the junior high to parade through their halls. 
     We would like to invite parents and any other family and friends to come up and join in the celebration. You can make signs, wave, clap etc. All parents must park in the bus parking lot between the High School and Junior High. Please respect that the high school is still conducting classes, and wait in the parking lot until the Gauntlet begins. We will have someone in the parking lot directing you as to where to stand. 
     Unfortunately, we only have an estimate as to when practice will be over and the Gauntlet will begin. We are estimating beginning the walk to the Junior High around 10:15 a.m., but you may want to come early just in case practice goes quickly. 

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