Saturday, March 11, 2017

‘Super Saturday’ is coming to the Dansville Community Center March 18
   Dansville Community Center will be holding ‘Super Saturday’ on March 18. Events on this day: 9-11am - Lego Play Day for all the kids. Free Relief Carving Class is scheduled from 1-3pm, followed by a Free Tai Chi Class starting at 4pm and Kraz Maga starts at 5pm. (Kraz Maga for 15yrs& up) 
    For those that like to play Euchre, it is Euchre Night. $5. donation to cover expenses for the night. Dansville Community Center is located at 1317 Mason Street in Dansville. For more info and to register for the Carving, Tai Chi & Kraz Maga classes call 517-851-7853.

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