Saturday, June 27, 2020

Deadline to register for Open Class competition at fair is 
July 1st
    There are just a few days left to submit registration for Open Class competition for the Fowlerville Family Fair, scheduled for July 27-August 1.  The deadline is Wednesday, July 1; registration fees and forms must be submitted by this date.  Organizers continue to plan the county-wide Fair, working hard to safely offer many different kinds of fun for all ages in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.  Continue to watch the News & Views for updates from the Fair Board.
   Very popular areas of interest in the Open Class competition are the foods classes.  Both baking and canning are always very popular.  The classes are open to both youth and adult; see the fair book for the details.
    With the state-wide quarantine, many people are baking more, both to remain safe at home and as a way to fill the many hours of the day.  Now is the time to choose the items you most enjoy preparing and bring them to the fair.  You must register in advance of the fair---this means you can practice and refine your creations; you may even win first prize, and the cash award that goes with it.  There are also second- and third-prize ribbons and cash awards.  Cookies, breads, cakes and pies are all welcome in competition, and always a delight for fairgoers to see on display under the grandstand. 
    Even before Coronavirus, canning and preserving has had a resurgence in popularity.  Canning supplies have increased in sales for the past decade as well as vegetable gardening and bulk purchasing from farms and markets.  Jams and jellies are among the most popular; canners also bring in fruits and vegetables, pickles and relishes, soups, salsa, even meat.  Dried foods are included in this division.  Canning requires a fair amount of work---having a winning ribbon attached to it brings delight to even a long-time canner.
    Consider joining in the competition with any creation you've made:  Fine Arts or Folk Arts, Woodworking, Photography, Floriculture and Horticulture, Sewing and Quilting, Knitting and other needlework, Creative Writing, Hobbies, Arts and Crafts, Inventions and Robotics---it's all a great way to showcase your own personal interests and talents, and to participate in the 2020 Fowlerville Family Fair.  

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