Saturday, January 12, 2019

Bezotte announces candidacy for State Rep. 47th District in 2020
   Livingston County Commissioner Bob Bezotte announced last week that he will run for Michigan State Representative in the 47th District in the 2020 campaign. The seat is now held by State Rep. Hank Vaupel, who is term-limited at the end of the current legislative term. 
     Bezotte, in his announcement, said that he looks forward to continuing to serve the residents of Livingston County, and says his two years as commissioner and twelve years as Livingston County Sheriff has provided him “with the experience needed to effectively represent the 47th District.” 
     “I have spent most of my adult life serving the citizens in Livingston County,” said Bezotte. “I have the knowledge, skills and ability to continue the good work of Rep. Hank Vaupel. As State Rep. for the 47th District, I will continue to put the needs of our residents first.” 
      A Vietnam Veteran, Bezotte lives with his wife of 46 years, Sheila, and their Bouvier, Shelby, in Marion Township. The couple have three daughters and eight grandchildren. 
     Bezotte says he will continue his work as a Commissioner for the duration of his term. If elected, he intends to focus on roads, insurance reform, law enforcement improvement and veterans’ issues. 
    “I spent 33 years working to keep Livingston County residents safe and secure, beginning as a road patrol deputy, and ending as Sheriff,” Bezotte said. “I am excited to go to Lansing, where I will be able to have a greater impact on issues facing our residents.”

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