Saturday, December 23, 2017

‘Unmasked Gala’ to present at The Historic Howell Opera House on Jan. 9
    The Key Project, a non-profit organization with the goal of raising awareness about human trafficking in our area, will present the ‘Unmasked Gala’ on Saturday, January 6th from 7-10 PM at The Howell Opera House. 
    The evening will be a formal/ semi formal dance focused on a fun night for all ages in the community to learn how to stop human trafficking from thriving. There will be booths for informational guides on how human trafficking advances, how to prevent it, and how to stop it, if you see it. Organizers will even have fair trade product available for purchase.
   This event is an opportunity for the public to better understand human trafficking and its effects, with speakers who understand the particular challenges and possible solutions to this problem in the state of Michigan. 
    “This night is designed for you to feel confident about how to be a freedom fighter,” noted Mariah McDonald, President of the Key Project.
    The event is free to the public but reservations are required – please contact or visit Any money donated will go towards the effort to stop human trafficking in Michigan. 

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