Saturday, June 11, 2022

 Pearl Spagnuolo

On Monday May 30, 2022 Pearl Spagnuolo left this Earth and went to Heaven. Pearl was the beloved Parti Yorkie of Leticia Spagnuolo. On Saturday May 28th at 9 PM she was inside her own fenced yard when a Bullmastiff jumped her fence and fatally mauled her. She was only four years old and a perfect little girl. We rushed her to the Michigan State University Animal Hospital where the veterinarians did everything medically and surgically possible to save her precious little life. Pearl fought with all her might to live and stay with her family but after two days she finally succumbed to the numerous wounds caused by that Bullmastiff.

Pearl was a gentle soul who loved life and her family. She was an emotional support dog for her grandmother Sue. She gave her a reason to wake up everyday because she knew that Pearl’s cuddles and wagging tail would make her smile and ease her pain. Pearl loved to play with her toys, dig holes and go on walks with her two sisters. Her love was unconditional and she loved to be held and petted by all. Pearl is sadly missed by all that knew her and her tragic death did not have to happen.

Pearl has joined with Letiicia’s father Frank, her brother Anthony and nephew Oliver Salfate and is bringing joy and happiness there, just as she did for a short time on Earth. “Rest in Peace Baby Girl the pain is over.”

Pearl’s life mattered and she did not die in vain. There is a petition online to get the laws changed so that animal control and the local police can remove animals that pose a threat before they maim or kill small animals or children. Please go to and please sign there.

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