Saturday, March 20, 2021

 State Ag Department urges the safe & effective use of pesticides

for gardening and landscaping

As warmer weather approaches, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) is reminding the public to safely use pesticides when gardening and landscaping. A pesticide is any substance intended to prevent, destroy, repel, or mitigate a pest. Insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, and disinfectants are pesticides.

“When used correctly, pesticides are an effective tool to help control, destroy, and repel destructive pests such as insects, weeds, rodents, germs, and plant disease,” said Brian Verhougstraete, MDARD’s Pesticide Section Manager. “If applying pesticides, always read and follow the label directions and use the recommended personal protective equipment.” If hiring an applicator, choose a firm licensed by MDARD. Licensed firms meet the required financial and experience requirements and employ certified pesticide applicators who have passed MDARD’s proficiency examinations. Their training and experience will help prevent accidental pesticide misuse as well as help prevent harm from occurring to humans, pets, livestock, and the environment.

“Be aware of online advertisements and social media posts promoting the sale of unregistered pesticides, particularly those that claim to be 100% safe or all natural,” added Verhougstraete. “Unregistered pesticides are not proven to be safe or effective and are unlikely to meet MDARD’s or the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements.”

For additional information on MDARD’s Pesticide and Plant Pesticide Management Division, visit

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