Monday, July 16, 2018

Professional Yo-Yo Team to perform at Calvary Church July 22
    Calvary Church welcomes The King’s Yomen for a fun and free family event Sunday, July 22 at 6 PM.  The King’s Yomen have been performing together for over 20 years and will present a unique program combining drama and yo-yo skills that has proved captivating and compelling to all ages.  Children and teens enjoy their skits and identify with their stories.  Adults find their performances both entertaining and inspirational.  The yo-yo is unique because every generation can identify with it. The Yomen push this skill to the next level, creating an exciting program that can be enjoyed by all.
    A free ice cream buffet will follow the event!  For more information check our website at or call Calvary Church at 517-521-4700.   The church is located at 500 N Howard St in Webberville.

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