Saturday, December 17, 2016

Livingston County Transportation Coalition announces summit on Jan. 17
    Livingston citizens are invited to help shape the future of public transportation in the county.  By attending this Summit, participants will:  
    --demonstrate the widespread and strong support for improving Livingston County’s public transportation;  
    --learn about a comprehensive vision for Livingston County’s public transportation future; and,  
    --have an opportunity to express their views, ask questions and become part of the solution.  
    The Summit will occur on Tuesday, January 17, at Cleary University from 8 am until noon.  
    Coalition Chairperson, Dr. Leo E. Hanifin explained, “Public transportation isn't just for the poor.  It’s not just for the elderly or people with disabilities.  Urban city centers aren’t the only areas that need public transportation options.  It’s for students, employees, commuters, environmentally conscious travelers, businesses, heath care providers and patients, and all citizens who want options.”
    This event is an assembly of many transportation stakeholders, representing many slices of the community.   “We will not only share our views with each other and many elected officials, but we will listen to experts and each other, better understanding and galvanizing support for improve transportation options around the county, and into and out of the county,” Hanifin said. “The deliberations and discussions will be captured in a report to guide future planning of our transportation services.
     “We hope that several hundred concerned citizens and community leaders will join us at the Summit,” he added.       A continental breakfast will be served and there is no charge for attendance. 
Please RSVP at  or contact  Anne Rennie at   

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