Saturday, January 6, 2018

Crossroads United Methodist Church encourages daily Bible reading 
    If you’ve ever wanted to read the Bible all the way through, you can start the new year with a plan being offered by Crossroads United Methodist Church. 
    Pastor Marty Johnson has challenged his congregation at Crossroads to follow a schedule of daily readings put together by the Discipleship Journal, by Mark Bogart and Peter Mayberry.  There are built-in breaks in every week’s schedule for reflection and rest, and Pastor Johnson says not to worry if you fall behind.
   “Just start again wherever you left off and keep going,” he reassures.  “Each reading will advance your knowledge and understanding, regardless of where you are in the schedule.”
   For a copy of the Book at a Time Bible Reading Plan and advice in following it, please call the church at 517/655-1466, email at, or find the church on Facebook.

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