Saturday, July 15, 2017

Livingston Libraries Cooperative announces effort to share eBooks
    The Livingston Libraries Cooperative is a collaborative effort by the Hamburg, Pinckney, and Fowlerville libraries to share eBook resources through the Axis 360 app to better serve the electronic reading needs of all our combined patrons! You do not need to get a library card to the other libraries to access their collections. Other benefits include an increased eBook limit of 5 eBooks at a time and a three-week long checkout period.
    How does it work? Theses three libraries are now sharing audio and print eBooks for all ages through the Axis 360 app. The first thing you need to do is to install the Axis 360 app onto your device. The app is able to be installed on most smart devices and newer generations of the kindle Fire. If you already have the app, you may need to uninstall and reinstall it.  
    Secondly, your User ID is your home library card number and your password is the phone number that your home library has on file. While you are able to ‘switch’ libraries to look at and search their collections; you check your ebook out at your home library. This means, if you are a Fowlerville patron, you can ‘switch’ libraries and browse the collections at Pinckney and Hamburg. If you find an eBook you’d like to check out in either Hamburg’s or Pinckney’s collection, return to the Fowlerville library, type the title in the search bar, and check out by pressing the checkout button.
    Third, simply browse Fowlerville library’s collection, all the books available from each library are there! Once you find an eBook you’d like to check out, press on the eBook. At that time you will have the option to press the CHECKOUT button or the PLACE ON HOLD button depending on availability. You will be notified at the email you registered your account with when your book is available to check out if you placed it on hold.
    Finally, because we are sharing our library’s collection; our patrons get first choice of our NEW eBooks for six months. This means, you can only check out NEW eBooks from your home library. This ensures each library’s patrons get first choice of their home library’s new eBooks.
    If you have more questions or need help, stop in and see us. We have answers! Beth and Audrey can do one-on-one appointments to help you set up your app and can let you know if your device is compatible with Axis 360.

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