Saturday, May 30, 2020

Now is time to prepare projects for Open Class Competition at fair
   The Fowlerville Family Fair is less than two months away and now is the time to prepare your projects for the Open Class Competition.
 With summer finally here and gardening activities interesting more people all the time, both Floriculture and Horticulture classes are open to both Youth and Adult competitors.  Garden flowers and house plants add beauty to the Open Class display area and home grown items amaze fairgoers every year.
   There are special classes for many varieties of garden flowers and house plants; they can be arranged in both baskets and vases.  House plants can be individual items, or a collection, both single and arrangements.  Planters and Fairy Gardens also can be entered into the fair competition.
   The garden stores are busier this year than in recent times, due to the Covid pandemic.  Americans are returning to vegetable gardens to supplement their food supplies, and to create a self-sustaining home.  Some of the fresh produce can be entered in the Horticulture department; now is the time to be nurturing a garden so that the plants are producing by Fair.  Again, there are sections for both adults and youth.
   Livingston County is largely rural, and many residents are involved in a variety of Agricultural activities.  Growing of grains, legumes, corn, and hay, as well as involvement in agricultural products like honey and maple syrup, wine, cheeses and other dairy, and many kinds of wool all locally grown here, have specific areas in Open Class for Youth and Adult age groups.
   Now is the time to plan your entry into the competition, and to submit the entry registration.  Fair books are now available online at  Hovering over the "Fair" heading will drop a menu that includes Open Class and the fair book; registration can be completed both online and by US Mail.  Be sure to read the entry details for rules and deadlines.  Most registration and the entry fee is due in the fair office by July 1. 
     For those unable to access Open Class information on line, please call the Fair Office at 517-223-8186 for further assistance.

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