Saturday, April 25, 2020

With lockdown, now’s a good time to plan for Fowlerville Fair Open Class
     There's no accurate guessing when we'll all go back to normal life, or what the 'new normal' will be.  But the current hope is that the Fowlerville Family Fair will be the fun event that it has been for more than a century.
     Now is the time to be thinking about joining in the fun.  Fairbooks are not available yet, but now is the time to think about Open Class entries.
     With the lockdown, kids are home from school and many parents are keeping them occupied with crafts and other activities.  Adults are also keeping busy with these same things.  This is a good year to start entering your projects if you've never before!  And if you have entered in previous years, now is the time to start planning for this year.
     Included in Open Class are sections for both adults and for youth.  A variety of arts and crafts can be entered including drawing, painting and photography, gardening and horticulture, woodworking, papercrafts, quilting and sewing, crocheting and knitting, embroidery, cross-stitch and other needlework, baking, canning, collection displays, and creative writing.
     Very few categories from all the history of Fair have ever been removed; any item not specifically listed can still be entered in Open Class competition in any of the many categories under 'any other not listed'.  So almost no one is excluded from showing their own kind of creative work.
     And as new projects have come along, and interests have changed over the years, more categories have been added.  Your specialty could bring both a festive ribbon, and a cash prize.
     Keep working on your activities, both to occupy your hands and minds during these difficult days, and to express your own gifts.  Now is the time to look at finishing touches, or make your plan so your entry will be the best it can be.
    +++As soon as the weather is better, asparagus will be coming up..... it is the first of the fresh produce that can be made in to pickle spears, and a great place to start summer canning.  Then strawberries and jam!
    +++Everyone's home, wanting to spice up the long days, and families are cooking more.  It's a great time to practice and polish your recipes then plan to make them just before Fair.
    +++Pretty soon the days will be pretty and it'll be a great time to photograph nature or to put your own observations on canvas with pencil, or oil, or watercolor.
    +++With everyone all together and sometimes underfoot, sometimes it's the best thing for everyone in tight quarters to go into the woodshop, or to the work bench, or to make a small craft area in an out-of-the-way corner.
    +++Sometimes the on-line schoolwork that students are completing at home includes an essay; now is a good time to add to it and submit a creative writing entry. 
    +++Children of all ages are playing with Legos to fill the days; there's an entry category for this, too.
     So many different projects can be done between now and Fair, and entered into Open Class by July 1 in person, on-line or by mail.  It can be a fun goal when the days run together.  There's a single fee for entry, but it includes a pass into Fair, which is scheduled to begin July 27.  Watch the Facebook page, or check out for release of the 2020 Open Class Book.
     See you at the Fair!

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