Saturday, August 26, 2017

‘Investing for Women’ topic of course being offered at Crossroads UMC
    According to one Wall Street firm, nine in ten women will be the sole financial decision maker of their household at some point in their lives.  One Wall Street veteran declares Wall Street has failed to help women invest for success.  Yet Fidelity reports, "Women are doing better than men and with a lot less risk."  
     Although enrollment is open to both men and women, this course, "Investing for Women," emphasizes the challenges specifically faced by women to improve investment performance and to enhance the economic security of their lives.  
    Depending upon interest, topics covered may include: an introduction to investment basics including three key mistakes said to be made by women and including three reasons why women are better investors than men; types of risk; determining personal risk tolerance; determining personal investment objectives; assets (chosen by interest) - stocks, bonds, etfs, mutual funds, real estate; asset allocation and diversification; where to hold assets and with whom, effect of retirement including nine smart retirement strategies for women, rebalancing and ongoing management; individual stock and bond analysis including technical and fundamental approaches; macroeconomics and the economy; how to start and join an investment club.
     The course is taught by Norman Obst, MSU Professor Emeritus of Economics. Preregistration required – call 517-655-1466 and leave your name and phone number.  Course meets Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm beginning September 20 – November 15. No fee. Located at Crossroads United Methodst Church 1591 Zimmer Road, Williamston, Mi.

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