Sunday, January 3, 2016

Livingston Democrats issue statement after the recent National Convention

The following statement was issued by the Livingston County Democratic Party after the conclusion of the recent National Convention in Philadelphia:

    Livingston County Democrats are united and ready to go for the historic 2016 presidential campaign, the party chair said as the party’s national convention drew to a close.

     “Hillary Clinton is exactly right – we are stronger together, as a party and as a nation. This week’s convention was amazing, not only in bringing us together, but in showcasing the values of our party, the vivid contrast it offered with the party of Trump, and in building the excitement night after night with an amazing list of speakers,” said Judy Daubenmier.
    “So many people have been coming into our office every day to volunteer or pick up yard signs and buttons for Hillary that it has been hard to keep up with the demand. Many Democrats are on an emotional high right now, even though we know lots of work is ahead of us. Women are excited that Hillary Clinton, who understands their specific challenges in life and on the job, is our presidential nominee.

   “But the excitement goes much deeper than the historic nature of our ticket. The Democratic Party is offering a positive, optimistic message of an America that is not perfect but is still striving to form a more perfect union. That’s a message that gives us all hope that we can meet any challenge remaining in front of us. Americans always have risen to the challenge and we always will, because that’s who we are. Donald Trump, on the other hand, asked Americans to stare into a deep, dark pit of despair, and then turn on each other in hate.

     “Americans are optimistic by nature. Our vice presidential nominee, Tim Kaine, was sincere when he invited people from the party of Lincoln to turn away from the home-grown demagogue the GOP has nominated and join us in voting for Hillary Clinton who will lead a confident, hopeful nation into the 21st Century. Democrats think America is already great, and we think most Americans agree with
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