Sunday, December 27, 2015

Livingston County Master Plan Photo Contest now going on

    The Livingston County Planning Department is pleased to announce a photo contest for the new Livingston County Master Plan that is currently being prepared. A County Master Plan is a big-picture, county-wide approach to land use planning that focuses on the built environment and natural environment in Livingston County and how we protect our current land use resources while preparing for future growth. For further information on this planning process please see our website at: www.livgov/planning and join us in this fun way to get involved in the creative process of crafting this new master plan!!    
    All persons entering this photo contest agree to allow their photo to be displayed in the Livingston County Master Plan. All photos appearing in the Master Plan will be credited to the photographer. Photographs must be of Livingston County subjects and the photographer must state under which category they are submitting their photo. 
     To submit a photo, please visit Livingston County’s Facebook Page at and submit a post with your photo and a brief description of the photo’s content, location, and appropriate category(s) from July 1st – September 30th. 

     All images submitted must be the work of the individual submitting them and must have consent of all individuals appearing within them. Photos submitted will appear in Livingston County’s Master Plan photo albums for each category. Planning officials will select a winning photo from each category based on composure and relevancy to the category. 

    The winning photo under each category will win a gift certificate valued at $20 in addition to having their photo featured in the Livingston County Master Plan. Winners of this contest will be announced in early October 2016 and will be contacted through their Facebook account.     











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