Saturday, January 20, 2024

 Cribbage players invited to join weekly tournament at Webberville church

A small group of cribbage players has been holding a weekly tournament on Mondays at the Webberville United Methodist Church which is located at South M-52 and Holt Road. Play starts at 6:30pm.

In an effort to expand the event, they’re inviting any “Yoopers from Fowlerville” to play with them. They’re calling themselves the “Downstaters of Webberville.”

Not to leave anyone out, they’re also welcoming “Wanabee Yoopers and Downstaters” to take part.

Fred Moon, one of the regulars, noted that cribbage is popular in the Upper Peninsula, hence the reference to Yoopers.

“We started playing six years ago at the Webberville Library, with Betty Juntenen organizing the competition,” he noted. “We played at noon and this worked for awhile until the warm weather caused some of the guys to go back to work. We then moved to the Methodist Church, changed the time to the evening, and have been playing since then.”

Moon described the competition as “friendly, with players helping each other when someone misses points.”

The reward for a win is $1 and the penalty for a ‘skunk’ is $2. They play on tournament boards, meaning 60 pegs up and back and furnish all that is necessary.

They play five games each Monday.

Any questions, call Fred Moon at 517-521-5622.

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